10th AAC Sanctioned Trial

When: Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Please join us for our 10th AAC sanctioned trial at McCann’s indoor agility arena (1 ring, artificial turf) with judge Sharon Ransom.

This is a one day trial with the following classes:

Steeplechase 1
Masters Standard 1
Masters Gamblers 1
Masters Jumpers 1
Masters Jumpers 2
Masters Gamblers 2
Masters Standard 2
$$$ Steeplechase Final $$$ (see below for details)

Running order is Regular, Specials/Vets, small to tall.

Doors Open: 8:00 am
Measurement: 8:15 am – 8:30 am
General Briefing then Judge’s Briefing: 8:45 am
First Dog on the Line: 9:00 am

To download the premium and mail your entry, please click here.
To enter online, please click here. *** Please note that a unique email is needed for each online entry. ***

For a copy of our NOTICE TO COMPETITORS, please click here.

Steeplechase Final

(i) AAC Steeplechase rules apply, however, Steeplechase Final is not AAC sanctioned
(ii) A Standard Course Time (SCT) will be established
(iii) Score = time + faults
(iv) Running order is highest to lowest score from Steeplechase 1 (within each class level and jump height)
(v) Specials and Vets run together in Steeplechase 1 but separate in the Final
(vi) Dog Agility Ontario reserves the right to change or clarify Steeplechase Final rules

Criteria to qualify for the Final
(i) Applies separately to each class level (Regular, Specials, Vets) and jump height
(ii) If there are 6 or more dogs (per class level and jump height), the top 50% qualify
(iii) If there are 1-5 dogs (per class level and jump height), the top 3 qualify
(iv) If there is only 1 dog (per class level and jump height), they automatically qualify, they can choose to run the Final

(i) Applies separately to each class level (Regular, Specials, Vets) and jump height
(ii) The prize pool is 50% of entry fees (excluding HST and judge’s fees)
(iii) Prizes for 1st (50% of pool), 2nd (30% of pool) and 3rd (20% of pool)
(iv) The amount of the prize pools will be updated regularly on www.dogagilityontario.com and displayed at the trial